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2017-04-11 03:49:26 by flash-can

I forgot I still have a newgrounds account..

I'm back, bitches!

2014-11-14 13:54:41 by flash-can

I've been gone for about a year, but I haven't stopped working. I'll upload my new stuff as the day goes by. Check out my YouTube channel if you haven't already.


what is this? i dont even....

2011-05-01 21:25:40 by flash-can

im in the process of making two music videos.
as i said before,. dont hesitate to ask to help.

the game im working on is nearly complete, but it lacks one important element. the audio. if there are any people who can make some 16-bit songs for it, PM me and i'll send you my email.

almost done.

2010-11-25 22:31:43 by flash-can

"the 2nd day of highschool" is about to be finished. all it needs now is sound effects and music. you can expect the game to be up December 3rd. thanks.

ideas anyone?

2010-11-13 16:29:23 by flash-can

"The Second Day of Higschool" is coming along great. but i need some fresh ideas, any help would be greatly appreciated.

ideas anyone?


2010-10-30 18:13:13 by flash-can

i am now currenty working on the sequel to the 1st day of school. its going to be called "the 2nd day of school" (wow how original) its going to be completely pixelated instead of drawn. it will be out before ya know it.

working on a new project.

2010-06-11 01:36:18 by flash-can

hey guys. im working on a new flash, its gonna be a game. and not like my other games, it will require use of the arrow keys. im going to use what i know about actionscript. (not very much) but i hope everyone will enjoy the final product. the basic idea is about a stick-man who saves the world from alien invaders. it will have zelda type control. does anyone have any ideas for it? im open to suggestions.
this is the main screen
\ /

working on a new project.


2010-03-19 02:50:07 by flash-can



2009-12-23 12:08:26 by flash-can

so, yeah. dont be so mayo